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Unopened Bags

Long Lasting Foods LLC guarantees a shelf life to 10 years on most product we sell. With the advances that have been made in the new multi-layered, bonded and composite mylar packaging that we use, you can likely double that and probably even triple it if you just keep them sealed in the factory packaging and store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Place product in rodent-proof containers to add more protection. Be careful not to damage the packaging, or shelf life may be compromised.

An advantage of our packaging is that you can actually see the product through the window without having to open a can or a pack. Plus, when you do open a pouch and want to save a portion for future use, it is quick and easy to just “zip” the remaining portion back up in the pouch with the integrated closure and leave it for a future date.

Products containing high fat content, like beef burgers, will have a shorter shelf life of around 3 years.  This is due to the fact that fat and oils will not freeze dry completely.  Although some other suppliers claim otherwise, the fact is that fats and oils will not freeze dry.

Opened Bags

Once you tear open a package and remove a portion of the food to consume, when you reseal the bag with the remaining food and keep the oxygen absorber and the moisture desiccant in there, you’ll drop the shelf life from 30+ years to approximately 3 months to a year depending on a number of factors (what the product is, how well you seal the bag, how much oxygen was introduced and for how long, how much moisture was introduced in the form of humidity, etc.).

The bags we use have their own zip enclosure built-in, so it's easy to just "zip" the remaining portion back up in the pouch and leave for a later date. If you have a home vacuum sealer, you can reseal the pouch using your sealer to remove any residual oxygen and that will extend the remaining shelf life out to 5+ years at a minimum.

To be safe, we recommend that you use any remaining portions of meat in a bag that was opened and re-closed within 90-days or 3 months. Non-meat items like fruits, vegetables, side dishes and desserts will probably last up to a year once opened and re-sealed depending on the conditions where you are. 

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